Trakerr.IO – An Overview


Trakerr.IO helps businesses ship higher quality products more frequently with a focus on improving the customer experience by offering the ability to visualize, track, monitor and fix quality issues that occur in web, desktop, cloud and mobile applications. Improve engineering efficiency today by using the Trakerr.IO platform in production to record, monitor and notify errors or logs.

Trakerr.IO helps Developers and Product Managers be more productive while also helping improve Customer Experience 

Let developers and product leaders understand customer impact of an issue and use smart analytics to quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues as and when they happen. Visualize application performance metrics (APM) alongside errors under a single unified platform.

Trakerr.IO enables developers to be more productive with tools to monitor and fix quality issues rapidly that happen in production in a wide variety of backend and frontend systems.

Trakerr.IO can help Product Leaders assess the quality of software running in production by offering a dashboard that zero’s in on any individual user’s behavior as well as aggregate user experience or behavior. This can help Product Leaders keep a tab on how quality issues could be affecting user experience and engagement.

 Trakerr.IO example use-case

A database performance issue causes database calls from a cloud back-end application to throw errors in production intermittently.

The error is distributed across many cloud servers and a small percentage of customers start encountering issues with data being displayed on a page. Trakerr can help you capture the errors that you encountered in both the front-end and the back-end in a single place grouped by the line of code that threw the error alongside how long the database call took to return the error.

Trakerr can show developers and product managers how many users were impacted by this specific error thereby helping them prioritize this error vs other errors that may be occurring in production. Lets you track what the user did before and after the error was encountered. You can also see along with the error the time the database operation took to error out.

Trakerr lets developers visualize not just the error but also the full stack trace, OS, CPU and memory information as well as performance metrics like operation time if the

Trakerr SDK was used to send this data all in a single dashboard.

When a new error is encountered, developers and product managers can be notified on mobile using applications such as Slack. Also rather than having the developer or product team then spend time creating a Jira ticket for a new error encountered in production, Trakerr also can automatically create Jira tickets in bug tracking tools.


This cuts down the time that developers need to spend on non-productive tasks such as scanning logs, creating tickets, copying stack traces, monitoring cpu or memory information and more. By reporting errors to Trakerr, you can be sure of not missing any error and rest assured that your developers can quickly resolve the highest priority issues quickly thereby improving customer satisfaction with your product.

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Trakerr Overview

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